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Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States (Limited Edition Cover) 2010

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Law Updates for this title are available by clicking this link: Self-Defense Law Update.PDF

Arm yourself with the knowledge Mitch Vilos has gained during years of representing gun owners throughout the country. Because of Mitch’s courtroom experience and his extensive efforts in the area of self-defense laws in every state; some consider Mitch to be one of the nation’s leading authorities on the Law of Self Defense.

  • From Neighborhood Watch to Life in Prison. What do YOU need to know about what went wrong?
  • What are the myths about what to do in a defensive incident that could get you convicted of murder for defending your own home?
  • When natural disaster strikes my neighborhood, can I stand on my porch and “rack one in” my 12 gauge to warn gangs of looters to stay off my property?
  • What are some of the things gun owners do that almost always result in arrest, prosecution or conviction and how can I avoid them?
  • How a person can rely on the language of his state’s self-defense statute and end up spending life in prison.
  • Did you know there is a Supreme Court case that could change what you learned from your concealed weapon instructor about defending yourself and your family in your home?
  • Not just for people with concealed weapon permits; this book is for anyone who MIGHT consider using ANY weapon in self defense. You also get a State-by-State “Deadly Force” Comparison Chart for Quick and Easy Access while traveling.


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