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Legal Seminar - Hidden Legal Traps in the Law of Self-Defense

Readers and students. Last Friday (September 7th) we launched the “Maiden Voyage” of our new advanced legal seminar entitled Hidden Legal Traps in the Law of Self-Defense. It is intended as a supplement to our popular book Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States and is geared to those students, primarily those with concealed weapon permits, who have had some self-defense law training already. For the short notice and very little advertising, we had great attendance and an entertaining, educational and lively discussion.

The seminar includes a PowerPoint Presentation prioritizing the locations and types of incidents from those least likely to result in arrest, prosecution and conviction to those most likely. We color-coded the types of incidents to signify more or less legal risk and included news articles and surveillance videos to assist students to better understand and remember the vital elements of justifiable self-defense we teach in our book. For each type of incident we list and explain the hidden legal traps.

We also warned students of several of the hidden legal traps I encounter in federal court and had time for a question-and-answer session together with a book signing. Although we are still working up a written critique for seminar participants, it was encouraging to receive comments thereafter such as, “Mitch, Great class Friday night!! Well worth the time and $!”

We are planning to take the seminar “on the road” in the next few years so that all American citizens will have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of self-defense law and minimize their risk of making fatal or otherwise life-ruining mistakes.

If any of you would like to help us organize such a seminar in your area of the country, please contact Evan or myself and we will send you additional information. We intend this to provide fundraising opportunities for yourselves and/or your organizations.

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    • Currently we are not. We are swamped with CWP courses and cases. However, if you would like to host one of these seminars or know of a company who might be interested shoot us an email. We could discuss options for spring. Thanks for visiting!

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