Buying a gun in another state - gun transfer I got a couple questions today about selling a firearm to a resident of another state.

As I understand it, the person offered the gun online for sale. A person from another state said he would like to buy it. Seller suggested it needed to go through a gun dealer in the buyer’s state. The buyer said it didn’t because it is a private sale. Right? Wrong? WRONG!!!!!! All sales by private individuals to individuals living in another state MUST go through a dealer in the BUYER’S state!!!!!! The “buyer” in this case might have been a BATF (Ban All The Fun) plant (JK – agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) and the penalty – 5 year federal felony is NOT a joke.

Caller asked if the buyer comes to your state to buy the gun, does that make it legal for a private sale? NO! He can come to see the gun, handle the gun, but before you transfer it to him, you must do it through a dealer in the buyer’s home state. Period.